Introducing Survicate integration

Introducing Survicate integration

Diana Hoppejova
Diana Hoppejova (Smartlook Team)  |  Published: Aug 31, 2022
2 mins read
With Smartlook, you can analyze how users behave on your website - with Survicate, you can let your users have their voice in your website improvement by collecting feedback through short surveys. 

We aim to fulfill our users’ wishes, so we decided to integrate Survicate with Smartlook. Survicate is a platform that directly brings you customer feedback through microsurveys. Now you have even more data for the qualitative analysis you need.

Do you use Smartlook for user behavior analysis and another platform for taking microsurveys? That could get messy – sometimes you don’t even know where to look. With the Smartlook + Survicate integration, all your data remains in one place and you can still enjoy every feature you need, including data from microsurveys. Create a better user experience for your visitors by streamlining your tech stack with Smartlook.

How can microsurveys help you?

Say you designed a new sign-up flow. But for some reason, even though your design and UX teams did their best, the number of negative reviews increased. To find out what’s frustrating your users, you set a quick survey on the sign-up page so they have the option to provide feedback. 

  1. Thanks to our integration with Survicate, you can create a survey within minutes – the results are displayed in your Smartlook app. 
  2. After receiving a relevant number of responses, you can filter out the answers that are important to you via the Smartlook app
  3. Go to the event section in your Smartlook app.
  4. In Custom events, choose the event “survicate.questionanswered” where you find answers to your question
  5. Filter the answers in “Custom event with property” and opt for an “answer” with property value “1” (considering “5” is a 5-star rating and “1” is the worst regarding customer satisfaction with the new design). Remember, it’s the negative reviews that will help you improve your website accordingly.
  1. By watching the session recordings of users who selected option 1, you can pinpoint the problems they encountered and eliminate them.

Since it’s native integration, no 3rd party is involved which gives you better control and easy access to survey-related data without having to manually switch between platforms. The streamlined integration also allows you to be aligned with your data governance processes.

Product managers, marketers, and UX designers will benefit from this integration the most since they can ask their users everything they need to know and receive clear feedback. The integration is possible only for those who have our startup or business subscription which allows them to use API and user identification.

Integration with Survicate provides you with more qualitative insights regarding your user’s behavior on your website and establishes a personal relationship with your users. The more data you have, the better your product will be! 

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